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New Construction Investment Opportunity for Passive Investors

4.8/5  By 30+ happy clients investing passively

Passive Investing in Real Estate made Simple

Our New Construction Residential Investment Opportunities offer a tangible asset-backed approach that can provide stability and act as a hedge against inflationUnlike stocks and bonds, our investments are rooted in real estate, a tangible asset with inherent value that can withstand the test of time. Our offerings are 506 (c) and available to Accredited Investors.

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Years of Experience

Looking for a secure and lucrative investment opportunity in an era of uncertain times, inflationary pressures, volatility of the stock market?
We deliver exceptional real estate investment opportunities for passive investors looking for solid returns. Our mission is simple: identify land in high-demand areas with low supply and transform them into high-quality homes to generate wealth for our clients.
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A Passive Investor of ours

Ajit N.

I have been pleased with the frequency of updates. Thank you.  I appreciate getting all the play by play updates.


Happy Passive Investor of Us that was looking for high returns

Shalin S.

I have invested with Joe in nine projects through multiple asset classes, three of which have paid off at or above projected returns. The transparency and dedication to keeping me informed every step of the way has been phenomenal. It's refreshing to work with a team that treats me like a valued partner rather than just another investor. I've happily referred my friends, and we're all blown away by their personalized approach.

Passive Investor of Ours

Bry S.

Joe’s team has been tremendous to work with as an investor. They put together attractive deals with generous ROI and have remained transparent through every deal. When things don’t go according to the original plan, they are very good at pivoting the plan to still generate attractive returns for their investors.

How it Works

We Identify Deals

We strategically purchase land in Florida's Panhandle, a region experiencing high demand and limited supply. This strategic positioning enables us to offer real estate investment opportunities that involve the development of high-quality homes in desirable locations.

We Connect

Once you complete the contact form, we'll meet to understand your investment objectives. This discussion helps us determine if our passive real estate investing opportunities align with your financial goals.

Passively Invest

Experience a seamless onboarding process as we guide you through the straightforward investment procedures step by step. Our expertise in facilitating investments through various channels ensures a smooth and flexible investment process.

Enjoy the Benefits

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of passive investing. Our experienced team handles everything from site acquisition to exit strategy with the utmost care and attention to detail. While we work, you enjoy the attractive returns on your investments, reaping the benefits of passive investing in the real estate sector.


An Investment Opportunity We offered for Accredited Investors


KBG Realty Investments is a Real Estate Developer and Builder located in the State of Florida and active in the Southeast. KBG's Principals have been involved in over $154.3 million in real estate development and acquisitions since 2013.  We handle all phases of the development process including site acquisition, concept planning and design, construction, management and exit strategy. Click Here to learn more about our high yield investment opportunities that fuel our developments.

1031 Exchanges and Real Estate Investing through IRAs

At KBG Realty Investments, we allow 1031 Exchanges and IRA allocation in our Real Estate Investments opportunities. With ample experience in facilitating both, we're adept at helping investors defer capital gains tax through 1031 exchanges and guiding them in leveraging retirement accounts like Self Directed IRAs and Roth IRAs for real estate investment. We're committed to meeting your unique investment needs and making your real estate investment journey both seamless and profitable.

Investment Opportunity that we allowed 1031 Exchanges and Self Directed IRA's in


We're committed to doing the right thing, every time. We take pride in our work and thrive on satisfying everyone we work with. 


Meet The Team

Joe Harker Headshot_edited.jpg

Joe Harker

Partner & Advisor

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Arvin Samadabadi

Partner & Investor Relations


Stephanie Baine

Chief Administrator


5753 Hwy 85 North Suite 7461
Crestview, FL 32536

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